Remote Monitoring and Management


SyncCom's RMM Solution is based on a Three Step Methodology


ASSESSMENT Assessment of your technology infrastructure and environment.
STABILIZATION Fix immediate problems, smooth out inefficiencies, and get customer in line with industry best practicies.
ONGOING SUPPORT Stabilization achieved. SLA in place. Rock solid procedures and methodology in place for maximum performance and reliability.


RMM Features Include


  • - Proactive Management of your computer systems by our world-class Network Operations Center(NOC) supported by 400+ engineers and technicians
  • - 24/7 Network & Server Monitoring, management, and remediation
  • - Fixed Price, no surprises. Our services are based on fixed monthly cost
  • - Comprehensive management related to Desktops, Servers, Networks and Email protection
  • - Customer reporting portal - access to wealth of information related to inventory, availability and performance
  • - Enterprise Class IT management platform using Industry best practices
  • - Predictable monthly billing
  • - SLA based
  • - Quick response
  • - Flat-predictable monthly fee
  • - Asset and inventory reporting


Server Management


Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be a daunting exercise in any IT environment. Yet the job must be done. Server downtime and its high associated costs impact both productivity and ROI.

What if your business could reduce the amount of time and money spent on manual, back office responsibilities? How would you redeploy your suddenly free assets and staff?


To make such dreams a reality, SyncCom's Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution offers 24x7x365 oversight of your entire network, so your business can focus on its core services.


Desktop Management


Desktop management can be resource-intensive, time-consuming and thankless.


Often mundane, the activities required for desktop management score low on the list of tasks technicians prefer. Desktops are expensive to maintain, too. An SMB can spend $4,000 over three years to manage and maintain a single desktop.

SyncCom offers RMM and back office services for desktops. Taking advantage of our Help Desk, SyncCom’s partners see a reduction on average of 40% of time spent providing maintenance and troubleshooting common desktop issues.