Help Desk Services




When you sign up for SyncCom's Virtual Help Desk you'll experience the benefit of live, U.S.-based technical support for your software and hardware products. Our certified frontline-support technicians are as customer-service friendly as they are knowledgeable about how to use industry-leading internal processes to troubleshoot your technical issues.


Resolving issues


We strive to handle all incoming calls with first contact resolution and 100% customer satisfaction. Each call received by our Help Desk is placed in a “queue” to be answered by an available technician who will then handle the issue to completion. Our goal is to answer all calls within 30 seconds. Help Desk services are available 24/7, with limited staffing after hours and on weekends.



Software and Services Covered by SyncCom's Help Desk




  • Desktop operating systems - Microsoft Windows 2000 and up, MAC OSX Lion
  • Office suites - Microsoft Office 2000 and up
  • Email clients - Microsoft Outlook 2000 and up
  • Browsers - Internet Explorer 6 and up, Mozilla Firefox
  • Third party/proprietary software
  • All third party and proprietary software will be supported on a best effort basis.




  • PC and network troubleshooting
  • Handheld device configuration and troubleshooting
  • Administrative tasks
  • Software installations
  • Virus/spyware removal
  • File/folder restores


Key Benefits


The key benefits of SyncCom's Help Desk Services include:


  • Freeing your internal resources to focus on core business and development projects
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Outsourcing help desk services, faster than building and staffing your own
  • Eliminating the drain on your resources, staff or infrastructure